Polygel Starter Kit for Professional-Grade Nails at Home!

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Why Polygel?

Time to ditch your nail salon…for good! Paddie brings salon-quality nails right to your doorstep so there’s no need to drive 30 minutes, to wait 3 hours, to get nails that are a good bit shorter than what you asked for.

Your Solution To Better Nails Without The Cost
Cost saved
Time saved

How does it work?

How to apply

  • 1 Apply polygel onto the dual form
  • 2 Use the brush to give it your desired shape
  • 3 Dry it using the UV Light (Free gift)

How to remove

  • 1 Use the nail file to remove the top coat
  • 2 Apply latex tape to the edge of the nails (avoid nail gel remover contact with your skin).
  • 3 Apply the gel remover and wait for 3-5 minutes for the gel polish remover to burst gel polish.
  • 4 Clean the residue gel nail polish and apply the cuticle oil for nail repair.
Why Paddie?
Lightweight Feel
40% cost savings
Lasts 2-3 weeks
Ease of use
Safe for natural nail
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Image Acrylic
Image Regular gel
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