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How to Paddie

To watch the video tutorial for the kit you ordered, please choose your kit from the following list, below the 7 step summary.

  1. Nail prepration
  2. Apply base coat on the natural nail.
  3. Choose the perfect dual forms for your nails.
  4. Apply polygel + cure for 90 seconds.
  5. File to the preferred shape.
  6. Apply top coat.
  7. Cure for 90 seconds

    Kit Tutorials

    Starter Kit
    This tutorial is using the December 2023 version of the starter kit.

    * depending on your order date, your starter kit version might differ slightly, nevertheless same results can be achieved.

    ** slip solution can be replaced by rubbing alcohol.

    This tutorial is using the December 2023 version of the intermediate kit.

    * depending on your order date, your intermediate kit version might differ slightly, nevertheless same results can be achieved.

    ** slip solution can be replaced by rubbing alcohol.

    Coming soon...

    Step-by-Step Tutorials

    1. Nail preparation

    Summary: To prep your nails, start by trimming them to your desired length and shaping them with a nail file. Next, brush off any filing dust with a clean brush and wipe each nail with an alcohol wipe to remove impurities and oils.

    Then, gently push back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher for a cleaner appearance. Finally, carefully trim any excess dead cuticle skin.

    2. Original Polygel application method (slower but easier to perfect)

    Summary: Begin by selecting dual forms that match your nail size. Apply base to your nails and cure it for 60 seconds. Next, apply your chosen polygel color to the dual form, using alcohol to spread it evenly. Ensure a thick layer of polygel on the dual form before pressing it onto the nail, being careful not to apply too much pressure.

    Smooth underneath the nail with alcohol and cure for 60 seconds. Proceed to file nails into the desired shape and buff the surface. If needed, fix any imperfections with additional polygel and cure.

    Repeat these steps for each nail, curing after each application. Finally, apply the top coat and wipe nails with alcohol wipes for a smooth and flawless finish.

    3. Paddie’s method (quicker but more advanced)

    Summary: Begin by sizing the tips to your nails, slightly larger to accommodate polygel underneath. After the nail prep, apply the base coat directly to your nails and cure it. Squeeze polygel onto nails and use a brush to spread it evenly.

    Apply pressure to smooth polygel and cure under the lamp. Remove tips and adjust any excess polygel. File and shape nails as desired. Patch any areas with additional polygel if needed and cure again. Finally, apply the top coat and cure one last time.

    4. What if you mess up?

    Summary: Just clean around it using the slip solution provided. Cure under the LED light for 60 seconds, then cure again for 30 seconds for a perfect form.

    5. How to remove them?

    Summary: Start by removing the top coat using a nail file. Apply peel-off latex tape and allow it to air dry for 60-120 seconds. Next, apply gel polish remover and wait for 3-5 minutes.

Push off gel polish gently, then use tweezers to peel off the latex tape.

    Brighten the nail surface with a nail buffer, and finally, nourish the skin and nails by applying cuticle oil.


    Nail preparation
    Apply base coat on the natural nail.
    Choose the perfect dual forms for your nails.
    Apply polygel + cure for 90 seconds.
    File to the preferred shape.
    Apply top coat.
    Cure for 90 seconds


    How do you remove Polygel?

    There are 2 methods to remove the Paddie Polygel.

    1. Slower but can be done at home

    Simply put some olive oil in warm soapy water and soak your nails in there for 15-20 minutes.

    Gently pull your polygel nails off and clean with rubbing alcohol wipes.

    2. Quicker method

    Easily remove the nails in just 5 minutes using our Polygel Remover Kit. See the video tutorial above on this page.

    Do you need to use a UV / LED lamp?

    We recommend that you use one, in order to achieve the best results, in the quickest time.

    You can use any UV or LED lamp. (UV lamps emit a broader spectrum of wavelengths, while LED lamps produce a narrower, more targeted number of wavelengths.)

    Is the UV lamp dangerous?

    Paddie's UV lamp is not dangerous for your skin.

    Paddie's UV light's power is 16W (watts), light source is 365+405NM wavelength. At this power, you will not feel eye contact discomfort, and it will not cause harm to your skin and body.

    Should I use Base & Top Coat?

    It is definitely recommended to complete nail prep and use base and top coat for a better nail protection, while looking gorgeous as on day 1.

    Does water affect the nails?

    In short, if you used base and top coat + you have done nail prep correctly, water will not damage/change the shape of your nails.

    However, we recommend staying away from extra hot water and direct contact with your nails for extended periods of time.

    PS: dish washing should be fine, unless you do it for 2+ hours a day.

    How much time do you need to do your nails?

    Depends on the experience you have with polygel.

    While it will be a steep learning curve, you can do them within 15-20 minutes after just a couple of tries.

    How many nails is the tube enough for?

    Based on a study carried on over 1000 subjects, we figured you will be able to do your nails 2-3 times with 1 tube.

    Do u need to file

    In our experience, beginners rarely get the perfect shape, without filing at least a little.

    So, we recommend having a simple file around, when using polygel.

    How long do they last?

    Depending on the nail prep you've done + assuming you used base & top coat, they will last 2-3 weeks.

    Do they damage the nails?

    While doing your nails, you might need to file your natural, for better abrasion.

    However, other than that, the base coat will protect your nail from any damage.

    Extra: The Paddie polygel has 0 harmful chemicals, so your natural nail will be good as new, when you take polygel off.

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