Paddie Reasons 3

Super easy to do

Yup, you heard it right – Paddie makes it easier than ever to get your nails done in an instant. In just 1-2 minutes per nail and super easy to apply, Paddie helps you ace your nail game every time with unbeatable results. And the best part? You’ll never have to worry about making mistakes or messing up.


Stays on for a long time

An innovative way to get perfect nails that look like your own, charmingly imperfect design included. Our revolutionary formula is 30% stronger and 50% lighter than traditional acrylics and lasts up to 3 weeks without chipping. Whether you’re natural or experimental when it comes to nails, Paddie makes them look polished and stylish for every occasion.


Easy to remove

Sick of using acetone which is not only damaging for your nails but also takes a seriously long time to take off? With our unique Polygel Nail Removal Kit that enables easy end painless removal in under 5 minutes! And even better? You get a free cuticle oil with your kit.


Customizable with 30 Vivid Color Variations

Now you can express yourself in dazzling colors and create bright, bold designs with ease. Our carefully crafted formula gives you non-toxic & durable nails that won't chip or peel off.


Zero chemicals making it super safe to use

Perfect for those who want beautiful nails without all the fumes, chemicals and mess of acrylic nails. Our kit includes all you need to get salon-style nails with zero toxins involved. Plus, say goodbye to strong odors! Give your nails the love they deserve today.


Loved by thousands

With amazing feedback constantly, our customers tell us every day how happy they are about switching from acrylics & nail polish. Grab the most complete nail kit available on the market for you or a loved one today.


Get salon-quality nails right in the
comfort of your own home

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