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UV Lamp Light for curing

UV Lamp Light for curing

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Cure your nails 50% faster, so you can get on with your day! 

Skin Safe Technology: Works at 16W, 395 nm to protect your eyes and skin.

🧡Easy to Use: Press the on/off switch once to cure for 60 seconds or long press for 90s curing (for extra hold).

💡Lightweight: Portable, perfect for travel. Fits in any purse or bag.

💰Multi-purpose: Works for nail polish glue, polygel, phototherapy glue, extension glue, etc.

Free USB cable is included for charging. 

How To Use

Simply touch the sensitive button and keep your finger on the curing pad for 60 seconds. For 90s curing hold the on/off switch for 2 seconds.

When the light turns off, your nail is done.

Order today and get your nails done in just 15 minutes - at home!

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Less Drying Time

Curing your nails with a UV lamp helps reduce the waiting time for drying your nail polish.

You don’t need to worry about ruining your nail polish while carrying out your important tasks.

Convenient & Easy to use

Compact and super easy to use. Very suitable for family use or salon use.